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This is us...

Introducing Dee McColl (R) and Cath Macdonald (L), the masterminds behind Refresh Tabs! We've been friends for over 40 years since our university days studying chemistry. But now, we're on a mission to live sustainably and support Australian-made products. Time for a new chapter!

Picture this: it's 2020, and we're having a chat. Suddenly, it hits us like a ton of toothpaste tubes—traditional ones are wasteful! Can you believe 1.5 billion tubes end up in landfills worldwide every year? We couldn't let that slide. So, we put our creative minds together and voila! We whipped up our own toothpaste tablets.

Fast forward to Feb 2021, and Refresh Tabs officially came to life! But let's not forget the journey that led us here. We conducted numerous trials and tests (huge thanks to our amazing family and friends) to perfect Refresh Tabs. And guess what? In September 2022, our toothpaste tablets were finally ready to conquer the world!

Refresh Tabs are great for ...

These tablets are perfect for travellers. They're compact, mess-free, and fit snugly in your pocket, luggage, or handbag. Say goodbye to dental woes on the go!

Got kids who despise teeth-brushing time? Fear not, we've got your back! Refresh Tabs come in tantalizing strawberry and banana flavours that will make brushing a blast for both kids and parents. No more toothbrush battles—just happy, clean teeth!

But wait, there's more! Our Refresh Tabs are made with all-natural ingredients, totally vegan-friendly, and our packaging is recyclable. We're serious about sustainability and keeping our planet pristine, so we've bid farewell to plastic forever. Green thumbs up!

Oh, and did we mention we're big-hearted too? We plan to donate a chunk of our profits to a fantastic not-for-profit organization. We'll keep you posted on the details—stay tuned!

Using Refresh Tabs is as easy as 1-2-3! Just pop a tablet in your mouth, give it a good chew until it transforms into a delightful foamy paste, and then brush your teeth as usual with a wet toothbrush. It's a simple and effective routine that will leave your smile sparkling and fresh!

So, are you ready to join the Refresh Tabs revolution? Wave goodbye to boring old toothpaste tubes and hop aboard the Refresh Tabs train.

Smile and the planet will thank you!