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Every year over 2 billion plastic toothpaste tubes go into landfill and has massive impacts on our environment!




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Invest in your dental care and join the movement towards a greener future with our subscription plan priced at $30, which translates to a mere $2.14 per week. Enjoy the convenience of receiving a 14-week supply of 220 toothpaste tablets directly at your doorstep, along with a complimentary toothbrush with each delivery. By opting for refresh tabs and our compostable packaging, you not only invest in your oral health but also play a crucial role in minimizing plastic waste. Together, let's make a difference – join our subscription program today and be part of the solution!


Keen to join our subscription program? Here's How!

To join our subscription program, just pick your preferred 220-jar flavour and variant (fluoride or non-fluoride) from our shop. At checkout, select the 'Subscribe' option, and you're all set! On your first order you will receive your 220 toothpaste tablet jar and after that you'll receive a fresh batch of 220 toothpaste tablets a compostable toothbrush every 14 weeks hassle-free.