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Banana | Refresh Tabs Toothpaste Tablets

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Refresh Tabs | Banana Toothpaste Tablets


Product Description:

Introducing Refresh Tabs Banana Toothpaste Tablets - a superb choice for the little monkeys in your life. The banana option truly appeals (or should we say "a-peels") to children and to adults who are simply big kids at heart. More than just toothpaste, these tablets are your secret weapon for winning the teeth-brushing battle with your kids and making teeth time a joyous experience.

Why Choose Refresh Tabs Banana Toothpaste Tablets?

🍌 Banana Bliss: The delightful banana flavour is a hit with kids and the young at heart. It's a-peeling to all ages, turning the chore of brushing into a tasty adventure.

🦷 Battle-Winning Solution: Tired of the nightly teeth-brushing struggle with your kids? Refresh Tabs are here to save the day. Make teeth time a breeze and win the war against those stubborn cavities.

🌍 Eco-Friendly: We care about your smile and the planet too. Our eco-friendly packaging reduces waste and helps you contribute to a greener world.

How to Use:

Using Refresh Tabs Banana Toothpaste Tablets is incredibly easy:

  1. Pop a tablet into your mouth.
  2. Crush it to release the delightful banana goodness.
  3. Brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush as you normally would.


At Refresh Tabs, we believe in using only the finest ingredients to ensure your dental health. Refresh Tabs Banana Toothpaste Tablets contain:

  • Erythritol: A natural sweetener that doesn't promote tooth decay.
  • Xylitol: A tooth-friendly sweetener that helps combat plaque.
  • Banana Flavour: The delightful taste that turns brushing into a tropical adventure.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate: Cleans and brightens your teeth.
  • Calcium Carbonate: Strengthens tooth enamel.
  • Kaolin: A gentle abrasive that aids in cleaning.
  • Dicalcium Phosphate: Aids in remineralizing tooth enamel.
  • Xanthan Gum: Provides a smooth texture and helps bind the tablet.
  • Magnesium Stearate: Acts as a lubricant to ensure the tablet dissolves easily.
  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate: A mild cleanser to remove debris and stains.
  • Zinc Citrate: Supports gum health.
  • Sodium Fluoride (Optional): Provides added protection against cavities. (A fluoride-free option is also available for those who prefer it.)

Elevate your daily dental routine with Refresh Tabs Banana Toothpaste Tablets. Embrace the delightful world of banana-flavoured dental bliss, make brushing a fun-filled adventure, and enjoy the satisfaction of winning the teeth-brushing battle with your kids. Your smile deserves it, and so does your inner child!